As the curtain falls on the fantastic The Magic of Music, we now look forward to the next production, which will be the hilarious and outrageous Family Planning.

The auditions for this are coming up very soon - Sunday 14th June - you can download the information you need for it by clicking here, including a synopsis and a rehearsal schedule (which, as we all know, is where the comedy begins!)

Remember to ask friends, family members, total strangers, martians etc, especially men (not applicable to martians) if they would like to join SADOS - whether they would be interested in being on stage, or working behind the scenes - let's make the club bigger and better than ever!

Website Update

A big update this time around, as I've been a busy boy with boring real life stuff!

The Magic of Music has had all the details added, and moved into Previous Productions, and Family Planning has been added into the Upcoming Productions.

The About Us page has been updated according to the changes from the AGM.

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