As a change to the previous plan, the summer show this year will be The Magic of Music, and will also feature appearances from our youthful friends at Act II. As usual, you can read more about it in the upcoming productions part of the site, along with a special opening night offer!

The one-act play venture was a success, and this will probably be repeated again in the future, but it is thought that for 2015 we will go on the road again, but with something musical. Watch this space for details as and when they have been confirmed.

SADOS will be holding another fund raising night next year, but we will be giving the long suffering frogs the evening off from racing - they are getting on a bit now (for frogs, anyway) and a couple of them now have arthritic hips. Instead, we will be looking to put on a quiz night along with food, karaoke and disco. To stop rumours before they start, though, the food will not include frogs legs...

Finally, please ask friends, family members, total strangers, martians etc, especially men (not applicable to martians) if they would like to join SADOS - whether they would be interested in being on stage, or working behind the scenes - let's make the club bigger and better than ever!

Website Update

Quite a big update this time, as both the 2 one-act plays, and Season's Greetings, have both been consigned the the Previous Productions area of the site.

Information is now available, however, for the musical for 2015, which is Half A Sixpence - full details can be found in Upcoming Productions.

2014 Awards

For the 2014 awards, the committee, even before the bribes and promises of a blessed afterlife, unanimously agreed on the following:-

The Tom Moss Award for the best SADOS newcomer was awarded to Colette Coleman.

The SADOS Award of Merit was awarded to Bryn Chappell.

Well done to both for keeping SADOS at the top of their game.

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