I previously reported rumblings about SADOS going on the road later in the year. Well, those rumblings have finally been given a voice. Auditions will take place on 22nd June at 2pm for two one-act plays that we will take around the local community later this year - you can find all of the lowdown on the upcoming productions page. With a bit of luck and a following wind, we are aiming to be able to stage both of these plays before the autumn production in the South Holland Centre.

Sunday June 8th saw the auditions take place for our next production at the South Holland Centre - the hilarious yuletide comedy Seasons Greetings. Huge kudos to the brave souls that tried their hands - even without rehearsals, it was already a million times funnier that the awful video on YouTube!

Website Update

Bad Girls The Musical has now been consigned to the previous productions page, and links have been added for the reviews of the show.

Information is now available for the extra project involving taking one-act plays on the road - you'll find the full details in upcoming productions.

2014 Awards

For the 2014 awards, the committee, even before the bribes and promises of a blessed afterlife, unanimously agreed on the following:-

The Tom Moss Award for the best SADOS newcomer was awarded to Colette Coleman.

The SADOS Award of Merit was awarded to Bryn Chappell.

Well done to both for keeping SADOS at the top of their game.

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